daydreams- occur between consciousness and unconsciousness and on average to about 70-120 minutes a day.

lucid dreams- occur once you realize you are dreaming.

nightmares- disturbing dreams that leave you waking up frightened or anxious. Usually occur when you avoid a problem in your life.

night terrors- worse than nightmares that leave the dreamer waking up feeling extremely frightened.

recurring dreams- occur repeatedly when a situation in a nightmare remains unresolved.

healing dreams- they may help prevent health problems.

prophetic dreams- can foretell the future in the form of piecing together things in your life that you have not figured out yet.

signal dreams- help you how to solve problems or make decisions in your waking life.

epic dreams- so huge, so compelling, and so vivid that you cannot ignore them.
you spend one-third of your life sleeping.

in an average lifetime, you spend six years of it dreaming.

you may think you don’t dream, but everyone does. you just don’t remember them.

a lack of dreaming is linked to mental deficiency or personality disorder.

visual representations in a blind person’s dreams depend on whether they were born blind or became blind. if born blind, other senses take a stronger effect.

five minutes after a dream, half of it is forgotten. after ten minutes 90% is gone.

the word dream comes from the middle english word dreme, which means “joy” and “music.”

brain waves tend to be more active while dreaming than while awake.

if you are snoring, then a dream is not occurring.

jun 12th, 2019

had a dream about being in a murder reenactment due to looking up true crime show cliches last night. i was supposedly the victim hiding under something and i remember it took the killer a while to find me (while dramatic narration was going on in the background). it ended not long after that.

jun 11th, 2019

wish i could remember more of these dreams. i was on a ship with girls generation and a bunch of other people. i remember the ship being super crowded. i know i was dancing as i was trying to get to the other side of the ship (don't remember what song it was- could have been gg, could've been another group). bts were also in this dream, but i'm not really a fan of them so i pretty much ignored them. i had another dream where billie eilish was in my college (?) class and one of her songs came on the loudspeakers (don't remember which song) and everyone was acting normal except for me lol. why am i always obnoxious in my dreams?

morning of jun 1st, 2019

this was a really weird dream. it started out with my mother and i driving to get to a little girl's birthday party that we were running late for. for some reason mariah carey(?) was walking in the street in a dress with a long train by herself. she was in our way so my mom shouted, "don't make me run you over!" then when we got to the party cyndi lauper arrived and was confused about who the party was for. she thought it was for me (since i look young) and called me beautiful and was super sweet. i was starstruck even though i'm not really a fan of her (in real life i've never really met celebs before). for some reason it seems like the incident outside was actually with cyndi and my mom was in a bad mood and had this stare off with her, but cyndi didn't actually say anthing and continued being nice. i took my mom aside and told her, "don't embarrass me in front of cyndi." then there were a bunch of girls who sang and either played piano or acoustic guitar. it seemed like there were other people in bad moods besides my mom and while some kid was performing her mother was next to me holding onto me like she was going to pass out or something. i asked her if she was okay and she replied that she was just going to be happy. and that was it.

morning of may 28th, 2019

dreamt about being trapped in my old college and trying to find my way out. i ended up in an insane asylum (which was somehow part of the school) not as a patient, but as an observer. i remember people fighting in the halls and some girl yelling outside of one of the cells.