solar fields - introduction
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aug 2nd, 2019

jul 24th, 2019

redid kpop.html, updated cds.html and bandb.html

jul 20th, 2019

brand new index page! also have done lots of design and navigational updates to make things look better- almost every page has been updated in some way. enjoy!

jul 15th, 2019

added gifypet to home.html, updated cds.html, created gcbelhaven.html & wwbelhaven.html on ac directory

jul 13th, 2019

added newhorizons.html, updated cds.html

jul 12th, 2019

revamped ac/index.html, added cds.html

jul 10th, 2019

added vinyl.html, updated sitemap and todo

jul 8th, 2019

redid dreamsindigital.html and archived old one, added timecapsule.html

jul 3rd, 2019

added more buttons to links.html, updated buttons.html

jul 2nd, 2019

added more buttons to links.html

june 29th, 2019

updated main, todo, sitemap, home with new button, shrines, gamenostalgia, added index page to ac directory as well as sagewick and lilycove sections with diaries, updated pokeglitches

june 27th, 2019

added ac/acnldiary.html which is a redo of ac.html, added new site button to links.html, added glitch page to pokemon.html, updated shrines.html and sitemap.html

june 26th, 2019

added pokeglitches.html

june 25th, 2019

redid pokemon.html and archived old one, updated main.html and links.html

june 24th, 2019

updated dreamlog.html, ac.html and todo.html

june 23rd, 2019

hit 100 followers today! almost 40,000 views too! updated ac.html, namie.html, and journal.html

june 22nd, 2019

created namie.html, updated ac.html, updated shrines.html

june 21st, 2019

created ac.html, updated links.html and dreamlog.html

june 20th, 2019

new journal.html and dreamlog.html entries, added playlist for journal.html, updated links.html

june 17th, 2019

redesigned journal.html (with new entry) and dreamlog.html and archived old layouts, updated todo.html

june 15th, 2019

created bandb.html, updated journal.html with new entry, redid and updated shrines.html, redid dreamlog.html and archived old one, updated backgrounds on intro, links and archive pages, updated sitemap.html and links.html

june 11th, 2019

created bb.html, updated dreamlog.html and sitemap.html, created todo.html on home page

june 9th, 2019

added ext.html to homepage for external links, added site awards (!) to main.html, added backgrounds and music to home.html, added music to 404 page, changed dreamsindigital.html background, added more sites to links.html

june 6th, 2019

created ddlc/index.html, updated shrines.html and sitemap.html

june 4th, 2019

tweaked about.html some more including zodiac section, reformatted interests section, new song and working contact table, new journal.html entries, edited dreamsindigital.html with some more myspace memories and cool ascii art

june 2nd, 2019

redid about.html in the old myspace style, archived old about me page, new entry in journal.html

june 1st, 2019

hit 20,000 views on may 31st! started splatoon.html and mothermaria.html, fixed up journal.html and wrote new entry, new entry in dreamlog.html, moved neocities mutuals and other sites to links.html, replaced neocities.html with buttons.html on home page

may 30th, 2019

hit over 50 followers yesterday! overhauled top menu navigation, added sites to neocities.html, updated dreamlog.html, added dreamsindigital.html to menu

may 28th, 2019

started dreamlog.html, added entry to journal.html, made new site button on neocities.html and archived old buttons.html page, updated sitemap.html

may 27th, 2019

started dreamsindigital.html, updated journal.html, updated pikachu.html, added song to music.html, added more sites to neocities.html

may 26th, 2019

added songs to music.html, updated chino.html and added more links to neocities.html

may 25th, 2019

added songs to music.html, changed index page video, updated deftones.html and added more stuff to links.html

may 23rd, 2019

added extra.html page, changed music page (and archived old one), updated design of journal page and guestbook, added more sites to the neocities page and made a cool new 404 page.

may 21st, 2019

did some tweaks here and there and finally made a site button that i'm satisfied with! you can find it directly on the homepage, and the code for it is in the neocities.html section of the site if you wanna use it!

may 20th, 2019

fixed up the home page a bit and added four navigation links including main, updates, site map and neocities links.

may 19th, 2019

ended up doing a redesign of my index and home pages! now things flow a bit better aesthetically. i have archived the former index here and the home page here.

may 18th, 2019

new journal entry! added a kpop girls page! also added a page to include all of the shrines i've made so far.

may 16th, 2019

did an aesthetic revamp on a lot of pages, including my about me, journal (i have entries now!), links, etc. i think some things look a lot better now!

may 15th, 2019

added a page for the 2000's reality show, the simple life! it was fun to make something more lighthearted on here. all of these specific interest pages i've been mentioning can be found in the "about me" me page of this site as one of the links in the "favorites" section. also added some more cool things to check out on my links page.

may 14th, 2019

added a buffy the vampire slayer page! i really like the way it came out too! also added a couple of silent hill themed site buttons below.

may 11th, 2019

i'm almost at 5,000 views! thank you to everyone who has stopped by and/or followed so far! today i started a tekken page that so far only features music on it. also changed the aesthetic slightly for the nostalgia pages to make them more colorful. also check out links to my fellow neocities sites below!

may 10th, 2019

i have been adding stuff the past few days. my site has buttons now (one is below and there are also more choices on this page). added a pokemon page! also been messing around with some code for cursors and such.

may 7th, 2019

added a few more things to my video game nostalgia page, and also started a toy nostalgia page and graphics page! added a few more links as well.

may 5th, 2019

added a guestbook (please sign!), made my neocities profile public, added a few links, and am in the process of making graphics pages. so far i only have the icons page up. look forward to much more nostalgia stuff in the future!

may 4th, 2019

the video game and film nostalgia pages are up! they're a little better than the current nostalgia page that just features intros to tv shows. i'm gonna separate all of the other pages by category as well. also going to be adding some secret pages. ;)

may 2nd, 2019

welcome to my site! thanks for stopping by! i'm just a child of the 90's who found out about this site recently. i used to have many geocities pages in the early 00's but never actually finished any of them. my goal here is to do just that and have my own personalized spot on the world wide web. this is probably the site i would've actually made as a teen. still working on the links and journal pages, but the about me, music & nostalgia pages are available!