hello and welcome to my little home on the web! i'm kara, your webmaster for your time here. this site mostly runs on nostalgia, but the shrines are also becoming a big part of it! i'm always adding new content (and messing around with old stuff), so take a look around- there's lots to see! you can find the sitemap on the top navigation bar, and be sure to sign the guestbook on your way out!

this site looks best on desktop and was created on a 1440x900 resolution laptop screen. some most of the site is not yet compatible with mobile, sorry about that. many pages on here are video and image-heavy so be prepared for that. there are also a few pages that have autoplay on them, so mute this tab if you want!

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  • here are the awards my site has received! thank you kei!


    butcher babies
    chi cheng dedication page
    animal crossing: new leaf page
    re-do pokemon page
    after school
    fka twigs
    the mars volta
    namie amuro
    brittany murphy
    edward norton
    gabriel mann
    sarah michelle gellar
    nier: automata
    silent hill
    love exposure
    linkin park/chester bennington dedication page
    yoshimistsu from tekken subpage

    more nostalgia pages:
    reality shows

    - italy 2008 trip with pics
    - work on teenidle.html
    - re-do kpop.html
    - make a table for links page
    - make sure all neocities buttons are not hotlinked
    - favorite albums of my youth? separate from music nostalgia page which will focus more on one-hit wonders and such
    - general album, film, and video game collection?
    - concert page?
    - astrology page?
    - re-design dreamsindigital.html
    - some kind of true crime oriented page


    aug 29th-sep 3rd, 2019

    created rds.html, redid shrines.html, pikachu.html & ac/index.html

    aug 28th, 2019

    updated sitemap.html, archive.html, about.html, & scrapbook.html

    aug 27th, 2019

    added elisalam.html

    aug 26th, 2019

    updated journal.html, added music video to this page

    aug 25th, 2019

    updated links.html, neocities.html & sitemap.html, created updatesarchive.html, added chatbox

    aug 24th, 2019

    updated this page (home.html)! will eventually put the old version in the archive because i still like it. also added to cds.html

    aug 23rd, 2019

    made a lot of new pages this week, including adding sdv.html, scrapbook.html, and astrology.html. revamped this page, sitemap.html and bb.html, updated index.html a bit and shrines.html. also added three "secret" pages!