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APR 20th, 2020

godspeed you! black emperor - static

Today is the one year anniversary of RX Queen (and yes happy 4/20 haha)! I’m happy I’ve pretty much kept it up, at least web designing as a whole. At the beginning of the year I purchased my first domains (well I had one as a teen but it never got off the ground) since I’ve always wanted to do that. I was browsing fanlistings (which I was surprised still exist) and started exploring the domains they were hosted on. It made me glad to see that people still make personal sites like that. Anyway, the name of my network collective is Dreams in Digital (taken from an Orgy song). The only notable thing on the network so far besides this site is In Rainbows which is my fanlisting collective. One goal I have for all of my sites moving forward would be to take elements of more modern and responsive web design and apply it to what i’m doing now. I’ve done a little bit of that but I still have a lot of trouble figuring out how to lay things out in an aesthetically pleasing way.

I’ve also been getting into making graphics more lately. I used to be really good with Paint Shop Pro 7 when I had a PC but switched to Photoshop when I got a Mac. PS has always been kinda daunting for me to learn and there’s so much I still haven’t touched but it feels good to be making stuff again even if it’s not amazing so far. Expressing myself aesthetically (with coding as well) has become quite fun, but I would like to express myself through words just a bit more. Writing used to be my favorite thing but I’ve becoming so disenchanted with it lately that even writing this was hard.