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  ↳ ARCHIVE.ORG - a massive collection of old stuff, including an internet arcade, a historical software collection, television archive, music, websites and more.

  ↳ OOCITIES - one place you can find old geocities websites.

  ↳ /R/NOSTALGIA - a subreddit for nostalgia.

  ↳ WINDOWS93 - when you hear that sweet playstation startup know what time it is.

  ↳ CAMERON'S WORLD - truly a work of art.


  ↳ CARLA HARVEY - one of my favorite metal singers is also an amazing artist/author! check out her stuff!

  ↳ LARA BERLYNE - a really cool digital artist that makes collages of 2000's icons.


  ↳ BANNED MEMORIES: YAMANASHI - an upcoming game that is an ode to classic survival horror like silent hill. this guy has nailed it so far. the demo is free to play at the link and here is footage of the most recent gameplay.

  ↳ PUPPETCOMBO - game development studio influenced by PS1 survival horror, 80's slasher flicks, and the golden age of VHS home video.

  ↳ EMILY IS AWAY & EMILY IS AWAY TOO - two steam games set in the early to mid 00's that take place in an aol instant messenger chat.


  ↳ XCHASEMONEY & XCHASEMONEY2 - one of my favorite gaming youtubers that plays both old and new school games. also the king of glitches.

  ↳ JOHN WOLFE - my go-to youtuber for horror gameplays with intelligent and sarcastic commentary.

  ↳ SHN SURVIVAL HORROR NETWORK - my go-to youtube for survival horror longplays.

  ↳ 98DEMAKE - videos of how modern games might've looked like in the late 90's. also makes original games.

  ↳ ODDHEADER - odd video game content for your late-night (or whenever) viewing pleasure.

  ↳ AMBY - interview queen!

  ↳ SIMGM - sims 2 spoofs of pop culture events.

  ↳ DARNUTUBE - 8-bit style kpop songs with gameplay to match!


  ↳ most gifs/graphics/backgrounds found either from a google/tumblr search, gifcities, glitter-graphics, or gigaglitters.

  ↳ background for nostalgia pages from internetbee @ neocities.

  ↳ transparent pics from picsart, kisspng and classicluv @ deviantart.

  ↳ pixel art from pixel-soup, kicked-in-teeth, king-lulu-deer, vanillapuddingu, graphic @ neocities and pixel-utopia.

  ↳ kpop girl pixel gifs from pixelian.

  ↳ tekken sprites from fightingside forum.

  ↳ pokemon sprites from project pokemon.

  ↳ buttons made with photoscape x and ezgif.

  ↳ chino collages made with pic collage for ipad and tackified with blingee.

  ↳ pink tape font from pinkhive.

  ↳ html and css resources: w3schools and css tricks.

  ↳ if you would like credit for one of your graphics (or would like it removed), please contact me.