most gifs/graphics/backgrounds found either from a google/tumblr search, gifcities, glitter-graphics, or gigaglitters.

html & css for cd/vinyl collection pages from here

rxqueen index logo made with this picrew.

background for nostalgia pages from internetbee @ neocities.

transparent pics from picsart, kisspng and classicluv @ deviantart.

pixel art from pixel-soup, kicked-in-teeth, king-lulu-deer, vanillapuddingu, graphic @ neocities and pixel-utopia.

kpop girl pixel gifs from pixelian.

tekken sprites from fightingside forum.

pokemon sprites from project pokemon.

buttons made with photoscape x and ezgif.

chino collages made with pic collage for ipad and tackified with blingee.

pink tape font from pinkhive.

html and css resources: w3schools and css tricks.

if you would like credit for one of your graphics (or would like it removed), please contact me.