i got into kpop at the beginning of 2012 so right now this has mostly 2nd gen groups and soloists on it (as a sort of tribute to them), but eventually i will add current groups as i get to know them better. i kind of go in and out of the fandom.

1st comeback: i love you
biases: cl, bom
favorite songs: i am the best, fire, pretty boy, hate you, can't nobody

1st comeback: electric shock
bias: krystal
favorite songs: 4 walls, red light, rum pum pum pum, butterfly, nu abo, beautiful stranger, pretty girl, rude love, chu~♡, airplane, signal, shadow, diamond, rainbow, all night, milk, when i'm alone

1st comeback: i got a boy
biases: jessica, tiffany, yuri
favorite songs: genie, oh, run devil run, trick, sign, into the new world, i got a boy, mr.mr., dancing queen, check, beautiful stranger, reflection, you-aholic, gossip girls, galaxy supernova, do the catwalk, bad girl, animal, the great escape, motorcycle, i'm a diamond, lips, karma butterfly, visual dreams

1st comeback: first love
biases: nana, uee, kaeun, jungah
favorite songs: because of you, ah, playgirlz, diva, bang, shampoo, virgin, dressing room, love beat, flashback, dilly dally, triangle, eyeline, ready to love, shh, heaven

1st comeback: catallena
bias: nana
favorite songs: bangkok city, bubble bath, catallena, lipstick, shanghai romance, a-ing♡, magic girl

1st comeback: wild
biases: kyungri, sera, hyuna, erin
favorite songs: wild, glue, news, gun, dolls, action, secret, hurt locker, miss agent

1st comeback: boombayah
biases: jennie, lisa
favorite songs: boombayah, ddu-du ddu-du, whistle, playing with fire

1st comeback: day by day
biases: hyomin, qri
favorite songs: don't leave, like the first time, number 9, sugar free, time to love, lovey-dovey

1st comeback: lip & hip
favorite songs: lip & hip, roll deep, babe, u & me♡, mirror, run & run, attention

1st comeback: 24 hours
favorite songs: all of them

1st comeback: chitty chitty bang bang
favorite songs: u-go-girl, hey mr. big, swing, love sign

biases: ahri (miyeon), akali (soyeon)
favorite songs: the only one they have lol