if you see me, you'll be crossing the street
or kick me and then leave me to bleed
if looks could kill wouldn't need all the pills
but i take what it needs to be easy with the black sheep now

somewhere out in space i've lost myself, i've been misplaced
somehow i've been thrown away
i've grown allergic to an image, fractured by an idea
my brain is full of rot and disease
i've been thrown away

plasmatic, what is wrong when your ego is a rose in bloom
plasmatic, all I know is my ego is a room without a view

do you like the way the water tastes
like gunfire
you knew but it was never safe
take one more 'cause it's coming round
round the water

beware the water

'cause she's a cruel mistress
and the bargain must be made
but oh, my love, don't forget me
when i let the water take me

if you really love me give me what I crave, my dearest friend
you never really knew me as the real me 'til the bitter end

you don't want to feel anything new
you decided to spend your life
safe from emotion
this way you'll never be harmed again
or confused now

you spend your life trapped in this void
where you will stay always
you waste your life relaxed in your void
where you will drain all of you

i want to be the girl with the most cake
i love him so much it just turns to hate
i fake it so real, i am beyond fake
and someday, you will ache like i ache

she knows the human heart
and how to read the stars
now everything's about to fall apart

now its over, you've taken your life
the dark grows thin, and i'm left to hide
i don't regret it, but it's sad anyway
now were both dead, and scared of the black
this life of games, and diligent trust
it's the things we do, or the things we must
i'm now tired of being cussed
so go sleep forever end to dust

no control over anything
i'm dying to learn, i'm dying to forget
overcrowded in my mind
i have to let it go now
get me out of here
i've been lost in the dark
get me out of here

it’s wonderful
i watch as
this golden bird flies free

you see i am the wolf,
and this dirty, little piggy lives inside of me
you see every now and then,
i forget which one that i want and which one that i need
i have come to realize
that both of them have become a necessity
i now have come to realize
that i become which animal i choose to feed

here alone
we didn't choose to be born
under a dying sun
just let us cool the burn
'til we don't feel nothing

down we go to the bottom of the undertow
down we go i try so hard to follow the glow
'cause i always seem to find myself washed up with the tide
strangled by the sea engulfing all my sight
drowning always drowning deeper down
the roar of the waves pushes me back to shore
with my tail between my legs but i'll come back for more
drowning always drowning deeper down

this sickness avoids all cure
imperfection my downfall
learn myself through symptoms
my memory's so
empathy low

seven devils all around you
seven devils in your house
see i was dead when i woke up this morning
i'll be dead before the day is done

the carnivals empty
i need you to take me home
god help me!

tell them
tell them i always knew why
so long
so long to say goodbye

tiptoe down
to the lonely places
where you going now
don't turn around