i got into kpop at the beginning of 2012 so right now this has mostly 2nd gen groups and soloists on it (as a sort of tribute to them), but eventually i will add current groups as i get to know them better. i kind of go in and out of the fandom.

also, do note that this page has horizontal scrolling!

status: active
1st comeback: boombayah
biases: all of them
favorite songs: boombayah, ddu-du ddu-du, whistle, playing with fire

status: active
1st comeback: 24 hours
favorite songs: all of them

status: active
1st comeback: butterfly
biases: yves, choerry, kim lip, chuu
favorite songs: colors, butterfly, new, eclipse, favorite

status: active
1st comeback: i got a boy
biases: jessica, tiffany, yuri
favorite songs: genie, oh, run devil run, trick, sign, into the new world, i got a boy, mr.mr., dancing queen, check, beautiful stranger, reflection, you-aholic, gossip girls, galaxy supernova, do the catwalk, bad girl, animal, the great escape, motorcycle, i'm a diamond, lips, karma butterfly, visual dreams

I was hesitant to get into Girls’ Generation (so much more used to calling them SNSD) because of Gee, which is baffling because I heard Oh (which is an even cuter song) later and liked it? But I liked Run Devil Run and Genie more. There’s something really appealing about them as a group and I think they all have a purpose. They are also hilarious and fun on the clips of variety shows I’ve seen from them. Plus, their Japanese releases are more mature (for the most part) and amazing.

status: inactive
1st comeback: first love
biases: nana, uee, kaeun, jungah
favorite songs: because of you, ah, playgirlz, diva, bang, shampoo, virgin, dressing room, love beat, flashback, dilly dally, triangle, eyeline, ready to love, shh, heaven

These girls are my honorary underdogs. Their whole situation is a bummer. If not for so many member changes and better title songs (or songs at all; they’ve been inactive for 3 years) for the second half of their career they probably would have continued to do pretty well as a group. I’ve noticed that a lot of people have quite an aversion to them and I don’t exactly know why. I like a lot of their songs, they’re great dancers/performers and I was really attracted to their more mature image than most kpop groups. Sure, they don’t have the best vocals (but when has that stopped other kpop groups). I have an attachment to all of the members which was formed through Playgirlz School (probably one of the few variety shows I’ve watched all the way through to this day). Because of You remains my favorite kpop song to date.

status: inactive
1st comeback: electric shock
bias: krystal
favorite songs: 4 walls, red light, rum pum pum pum, butterfly, nu abo, beautiful stranger, pretty girl, rude love, chu~♡, airplane, signal, shadow, diamond, rainbow, all night, milk, when i'm alone

I liked f(x)’s songs when I first got into kpop, but I was kind of indifferent toward the members for some reason. It’s taken me a while, but I started liking them during the Red Light era. Sulli, the cute member who actually came into her own during that time, ended up leaving which was really sad. Looking back on some of their stuff makes me like her a little more though. Now, I basically like them all. Krystal for her coolness/hipsterness and resting bitch face (of course, being related to Jessica of SNSD helps as well), Amber for her natural charm and kindness (I’ve become a little attracted to her these days), Luna for her voice, dancing, sweetness and boundless energy (her solo album is so good/underrated) and Victoria for her gorgeousness and eccentric personality. Anyway, even though Pink Tape seems to be everyone’s favorite album mine is Red Light hands down. 4 Walls might actually be second with PT 3rd. They have a number of earlier songs I like as well. In fact, it’s probably easier for me to list the songs I don’t like than the ones I do.

status: disbanded
1st comeback: wild
biases: kyungri, sera, hyuna, erin
favorite songs: wild, glue, news, gun, dolls, action, secret, hurt locker, miss agent

These girls were also underdogs who were never able to achieve popularity, but at least international fans (and some Korean ones) realized it. They also share a mature image with After School due to the fact that they’re the tallest kpop group. They immediately had me with Wild and their 2013 comeback lineup and songs were flawless. I would say they have my favorite title songs of all of these groups. The stuff I’ve seen from their variety shows has been pretty fun, but Erin was my favorite member in that department. Unfortunately, they were also plagued with members leaving.

status: disbanded
1st comeback: i love you
biases: cl, bom
favorite songs: i am the best, fire, pretty boy, hate you, can't nobody

Even though I liked Lee Hyori first, I didn’t actually get into the whole kpop thing until 2NE1 (since majority of kpop is groups). I thought they were cute when I saw the Lollipop video with Big Bang, but I was turned off by their Fire debut stage (it just seemed kind of cheesy and tryhard to me). It wasn’t until I Am the Best (which is also tryhard but just came across better to me) that I gave them another chance. This performance really made me stan them, mostly because of CL. Then I fell for Bom’s voice (on record) and her cuteness and weirdness (on 2NE1 TV). I suppose it’s a right of passage to get into kpop with 2NE1, but to be honest their discography is my least favorite out of the rest right now.

status: inactive
1st comeback: day by day
biases: hyomin, qri
favorite songs: don't leave, like the first time, number 9, sugar free, time to love, lovey-dovey

status: inactive
1st comeback: catallena
bias: nana
favorite songs: bangkok city, bubble bath, catallena, lipstick, shanghai romance, a-ing♡, magic girl

status: active
1st comeback: lip & hip
favorite songs: lip & hip, roll deep, babe, u & me♡, mirror, run & run, attention, change, bubble pop

status: active
1st comeback: chitty chitty bang bang
favorite songs: u-go-girl, hey mr. big, swing, love sign

In the summer of 2008 I got into Jpop by way of Namie Amuro, Ayumi Hamasaki, Utada Hikaru and Koda Kumi. I was much more used to soloists so it was only natural that one would get me into kpop. I heard U-Go-Girl and immediately fell for Hyori because she was so gorgeous and charismatic. It turns out she’s funny and outspoken as well. I actually only have a small list of songs I like by her but I’ll always have a soft spot for her in general.