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I thought it would be fun to make a separate page for all of my favorite glitches found in the first few Pokemon games. I myself have only participated in a few of them, but enjoy learning about them.

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The old man glitch is a well-known glitch in Pokémon Red and Blue, and an extension of the Fight Safari Zone Pokémon trick. It is one of the methods by which the player can encounter MissingNo. and 'M (00), and almost certainly the most famous method. Its name comes from the old man in Viridian City, who is required to begin the glitch. It should not be confused with the related item duplication glitch, which is most easily performed by first performing the old man glitch.

MissingNo.'s appearance in-battle allows the item duplication glitch, which increases the number of items in the 6th Bag slot by 128 unless the number of items in the slot already exceeds 128.

Encountering MissingNo. has been known to interfere with the save game data in various ways, such as adversely affecting the Hall of Fame data. The Hall of Fame is corrupted because of its proximity to a buffer used to store decompressed sprite data, which is too small to properly hold MissingNo.'s garbage sprite data.

When a Trainer battles with MissingNo. in their party, both the Trainer sprite and their Pokémon's sprites will be scrambled, and all other sprites will be reversed. Viewing the stats screen of a non-glitch Pokémon will remove the effects.

Pokémon Yellow has its own version of MissingNo, which is not as benign a glitch as the Pokémon Red and Blue counterpart. Its 'battle music' is only dead static, assuming it fights you instead of just making a horrifying noise and crashing the game. It can also cause the player character to disappear with clones of him flying through the air.

WARNING: high pitched noises.

I mostly included this one since it is the most well-known and I took part in the item duplication aspect several times (rare candy, master balls, etc).


Another Yellow glitch with a similar effect to the Yellow Missing No. is "Female Symbol", whose name is just the symbol for "female" and some glitched characters. Its encounter is just like the above scenario, except this time the Eldritch Abomination screams at the player, freezes the game and kick-starts a creepy remix of what appear to be multiple different musical tracks from Lavender Town, the Team Rocket hideout, and other places in RBY with creepy/scary music. Have a listen. It can replace the battle music with never-ending glitchy sounds that don't allow its cry (which is identical to Raticate's) to play, effectively locking up the game.

This is hands down my favorite glitch, and is what inspired me to make this page in the first place. It's so much cooler than MissingNo.

WARNING: high pitched noises, headphones are not advised (or turn down your volume).


The Mew glitch (also known as Long-range Trainer glitch) is a glitch found in all of the Generation I core series games. It was first reported in 2003. It is an extension of the Trainer-Fly glitch to specifically catch Mew (hence its common name). There are two methods in which you can catch him, discussed in detail here.



Glitch City can be accessed by executing a series of steps at the Kanto Safari Zone. Specifically, the player should enter a Safari Game, then immediately after entering, attempt to leave the Safari Zone. When the attendant asks if the player wants to leave early, the player should answer "no" and reenter the Safari Zone, rather than actually leave. The game should then be saved and reset. When the player now attempts to leave the Safari Zone again, the attendant will instead ask if the player would like to join a Safari Game, to which the player should answer "no" and leave through the south exit. After taking 500 steps at any location other than the Safari Zone, the Safari Zone's PA will ring, and the player will be warped into the Safari Zone gate. By leaving the gate through the south exit, the player will enter Glitch City.

Glitch City cannot be accessed if the player runs out of steps in Celadon City, Cerulean City, Lavender Town, Saffron City, Fuchsia City, Viridian City, Pewter City, Cinnabar Island, Vermilion City, or inside any building.


I know it'd be more interesting to hear that you can't escape, but the only way you can leave is to Fly or Teleport out of it.

more about GLITCH CITY...

I actually did this one as well about 10 years ago when I started feeling nostalgic about the games. I knew I wouldn't play them again so I might have done a more game-breaking one that I don't remember now.


If the player performs the Ditto glitch and uses a Special stat of either 251, 252, 254, or 255, the ZZAZZ glitch (a.k.a. The Exploding Bulbasaur Glitch) will be triggered. This glitch heavily corrupts the game's save file and memory, changing several in-game bytes to have a value of 153; most noticeably, parts of the player's name will be overwritten with multiples of the letter "Z" (index number 153), and most of the player's Pokémon will be changed to level 153 Bulbasaur (index number 153) with several copies of the attack Explosion (index number 153).


The Dokokashira door glitch takes advantage of the fact that in Pokémon Red, Green and Japanese Blue, the player is able to switch the slots of items as well as Pokémon. However, an oversight of this feature was that if the player were to press the Select button on the items screen and then exit out of the menu, the game will still remember the position where Select button was held down previously.

When the player switches the second item in his or her Bag with his or her first Pokémon, it will force the game to switch the second Pokémon (which is nonexistent) with the first one. In this particular early-game scenario, it switches the end of list marker to the first position. This confuses the subroutine which applies the poison damage in the overworld, causing it to check Pokémon beyond the sixth slot for poison damage, decrementing massive amounts of RAM addresses while thinking they are party Pokémon's health points.

The Dokokashira door glitch still exists in Pokémon Red and Blue, but it's not available in early game, as select glitches were removed in international releases. However, triggering this glitch is still possible by corrupting the memory with Super Glitch or ZZAZZ glitch. Some of the effects from Red, Green, and Blue are still present, such as map tiles changing every 4 steps, or random Pokémon fainting even though nothing is poisoned. There also exist some effects which didn't happen in Pokémon Red, Green and Blue, like glitchy music and changing item quantities. In international releases, Dokokashira door glitch does not change the warp location.


Like it's Yellow counterpart, Q, it hides everything below it. In order to heal Pokemon at Pokemon Centers below a Charizard 'M, it must be switched to the last party slot.

Also, if a Pokemon above Charizard 'M is deposited in the PC, it will create unstable hybrid Pokemon and multiply. This can be avoided by switching Charizard 'M to the last party slot.

Like Q, Charizard 'M needs it's own box because it also makes hybrids when a Pokemon is withdrawn with something below it. This can cause total destruction of a PC box. If all the player's Charizard 'M are in one box and not deposited into another box, the player will be safe.

4 4

4 4 is a dual-type 999/Normal Glitch Pokémon that is found in Pokémon Yellow. It can only be obtained via the Time Capsule exploit with Chikorita or by trading a ▶_A from Red and Blue. It occupies hexadecimal slot BF.

If encountered with the Mew glitch, with a stat of 191, the game will freeze and no action can be taken, which then leads to a crash.

The reason the game may crash is because 4 4's front sprite is an unusually large 256x256 pixels, which causes it to overflow from RAM to SRAM and corrupt the current sound bank identifier address to invalid sound banks, and invalid sound banks usually crash. Even if the game doesn't crash, 4 4's front sprite will overwrite enough RAM to otherwise prevent play.

4 4's cry in battle is part of the sound of the move Surf and variations of Pikachu's crys; however in its summary it has the cry of a Rhydon, and when withdrawn or deposited at a PC its cry is a slowed-down version of the melody of Cinnabar Island. 4 4's solid glitch screen makes using it in battle difficult, as the player won't be able to see the battle menu.