i’ve been wanting to make a nostalgia page for music, particulary one hit wonders or maybe stuff that i’m not currently as attached to but didn’t know where to start. well, it turns out i just rediscovered my time capsule of music that spotify made me in 2017, and it turns out it’s actually a perfect place to reminisce! here’s a handy link to the playlist, and i will also be adding the videos for each song below. let’s see what spotify got right and what they got wrong, shall we?

1. the blood brothers - trash flavored trash: probably the most underground thing on this list. i must have played them a while back, because i don’t listen to much post-hardcore. i remember getting into them after a friend of mine had one of their songs linked on her myspace page. anyway, i do like this now.
2. linkin park - enth e nd: i was a huge linkin park fan as a teen, and i loved the reanimation album. this isn’t a bad song from it.
3. say anything - admit it!!!: aw man the hipster mantra song. i still remember most of the words to this one.
4. kanye west - all falls down: i remember being pretty into college dropout and i liked this song. i remembered stacey dash being in the music video.
5. britney spears - overprotected (darkchild remix): i got into britney sort of late but this is one of my favorite songs from her.
6. linkin park - papercut: another lp song! i still do like this one. i always thought chester’s look was kind of off in the video though.
7. blink-182 - i miss you: ooh, this song was big! like a lot of people, i loved his pronunciation of head as “yead.”
8. eminem - stan: this is definitely a solid song and of course where the term stan came from. i had a download of the entire marshall mathers lp on one mp3 and listened to it constantly.
9. chevelle - the red: this song is okay, but it was so overplayed on my local radio station at the time so it got really annoying.
10. linkin park - hit the floor: another lp song geez. i did like meteora when it came out, but it’s pretty meh to me as a whole now.
11. 3lw - playas gon’ play: some more r&b on here! it’s not and still isn’t something i’m majorly into, but there were definitely early and mid-2000s bops that i love. i think i had a sample cd or something that this track and no more were on.
12. limp bizkit - my way: i had chocolate starfish and the hotdog flavored water but only liked a handful of tracks off of it. i have to say that this was one.
13. system of a down - chop suey!: the song everyone knows from them. it’s ok i guess.
14. eminem - lose yourself: another hugely popular song that still holds up pretty well. i remember going to the mall and buying 8 mile and evanescence’s fallen album.
15. eve ft. gwen stefani - let me blow ya mind: love this song and video still! i used to think gwen stefani was the coolest person ever.
16. *nsync - bye bye bye: i remember getting two copies of no strings attached for my 10th birthday party. we did karaoke to most of the songs from the album. i think my favorites were it’s gonna be me, space cowboy and digital get down (lmao).
17. destiny’s child - say my name: i think i got into this song kinda late but it’s really good. the backstory of two members finding out they were cut from the group after watching this video was scandalous!
18. eminem - without me: this song is pretty good and i liked some of the eminem show, but i was starting to get sick of him around this time.
19. tlc - no scrubs: obviously a bop. i remember it playing in my friends art class in high school and this boy saying it sucked. what a flop.
20. foo fighters - everlong: i don’t remember getting into this song until later but it’s got a good vibe to it. never was big on the foo fighters though
21. red hot chili peppers - otherside: another group i’m not too fond of but do like some of their songs. this song is ok. my bf in hs had dani california as his ringtone and it used to annoy me.
22. incubus - pardon me: i was a huge incubus fan back in the day. i had every album starting from fungus amongus. make yourself is still such a good album and used to love this song when i was pissed off at the world.

23. missy elliott - work it: i got into the song and missy elliott after going to my cousin’s step school and seeing them dance to this.

24. seether ft. amy lee - broken: not a seether fan, and this song is cheesy but amy’s voice is gorgeous in it.

25. deftones - change (in the house of flies): the song that got me into deftones and rock music.

26. no doubt - don’t speak: it took me a while to hear nd’s old music as i was more familiar with rock steady. but obviously this is a classic.

27. nirvana - heart-shaped box: love this song even though the story behind it is gross.

28. chester bennington - system: this song was on the queen of the damned soundtrack (a movie i still have not seen lol). come to think of it so was change by deftones. anyway, i dug this song because i thought it was so dark and edgy at the time, haha! also, chester (the lead singer of lp) curses it in and i thought that was hot.

29. weezer - say it ain’t so: i definitely got into this late but it’s a good one.

30. tlc - waterfalls: another classic song. makes me sad whenever i hear left eye’s rap.

31. korn - freak on a leash: not big on korn and i tried to get into them last year to not much avail. this song is pretty catchy though.

32. marilyn manson - sweet dreams (are made of this): i do like this cover.

33. queens of the stone age - no one knows: i loved this album and was so proud when i bought it as a teen and took it up to the register at best buy and the guy said i had good taste lol.

34. evanescence - bring me to life: the song that started it all. i prefer the version without the guy though haha. but it’s become a meme song anyway.

35. dream - he loves you not: i underestimated how much i love this song! it’s part of what inspired me to make this page. and the video is so aesthetic.

36. incubus - wish you were here: morning view was a pretty good album as well. i had the morning view sessions dvd and watched it pretty regularly.

37. mario - let me love you: more r&b. i do admittedly like this song, but it’s funny that he and mario winans were around the same time. i didn’t really realize they were two different people.

38. the smashing pumpkins - bullet with butterfly wings: pretty good angsty song, but i like a lot of their other songs better.

39. britney spears - oops!…i did it again: love it! love the cheesy dialogue in the middle of the video as well lol.

40. staind - it’s been awhile: i don’t know why but i always associate this song with middle school dances and something that the numetal kids would like.

41. nirvana - come as you are: i still really like this song.

42. harvey danger - flagpole sitta: a one hit wonder as i don’t know any of their other songs. pretty fun song though.

43. puddle of mudd - she hates me: they had some pretty catchy songs, like this and blurry.

44. gwen stefani - hollaback girl: i actually wasn’t too big on this song. i always preferred what you waiting for?

45. backstreet boys - the call: a jam idec. and just to let you know i was def team bsb back in the day (although i appreciate nysync more for the bops in general now)

46. justin timberlake - sexyback: justin was definitely hitting different when this album came out. i was more into it than his debut.

47. *nsync - i want you back: omg an excuse to post this cringy video!

48. fall out boy - sugar, we’re going down: i was admittedly a fob fan even though i was never too into the whole emo thing.

49. avril lavigne - my happy ending: i may have forgotten for a while but avril was responsible for getting me into some alternative pop music. she was a pretty cool chick back in the day.

50. britney spears - …baby one more time: i didn’t like this song for a long time, but one day i got really into it so it’s one of my favorites from old school brit.

51. lupe fiasco - sunshine: this is kinda random but i was a big lupe fan back in the day (as my spotify and usernames (hurtmesoul) suggest). love this song and the vibes it creates.

52. evanescence - going under: i love this song. when i brought fallen home and put it into the cd player after only knowing bring me to life i knew i had made the right choice.

53. slipknot - duality: guess this is on here because of some numetal stuff. i do like it but i’ve only heard a few of their songs in general. also, check out this kids cover lol!

54. danity kane - damaged: another bop from a diddy-ruined girl group! welcome to the dollhouse defined my return to pop music in 2008.