- quiet/quirky nature
- often lost in thought
- only happy when it rains
- likes daydreaming, writing, psychological thriller, horror films, old school survival horror games, pop/rock/metal/electronic music, shoegaze, trip-hop, k-pop girl groups/soloists, researching random shit, sound design/engineering, being a music nerd, pikachu, dragons (especially chinese dragons)

sun in ♋
moon in ♋
ascendant in ♋ (yes, i’m a triple cancer)
mercury in ♊
venus in ♉
mars in ♈
jupiter in ♋
saturn in ♑
uranus in ♑
neptune in ♑
pluto in ♏
lilith in ♏
north node in ♒
midheaven in ♈

- music: deftones, my bloody valentine, fka twigs, banks, charli xcx, lana del rey, marina diamandis, sunmi, kate bush, st. vincent, chelsea wolfe, billie eilish, the birthday massacre, in this moment, butcher babies, pantera, gojira, lacuna coil, marilyn manson, slayer, the smashing pumpkins, alice in chains, garbage, curve, lush, sneaker pimps, sleigh bells, health, crystal castles, fever ray, zeromancer, nine inch nails, depeche mode, massive attack, nirvana, ringo deathstarr, the flir, silversun pickups, florence + the machine, the weeknd, aaliyah, tinashe, ariana grande, at the drive-in, the mars volta, †††, team sleep, blackpink, f(x), after school, orange caramel, nine muses, t-ara, snsd, hyuna, 4minute, 2ne1, namie amuro, akira yamaoka

- tv: buffy the vampire slayer, alias, veronica mars, forensic files, daria, beavis & butt-head, the maxx, reply 1997, the twilight zone, that 70's show, fresh prince, hey! arnold, sailor moon, i love lucy, dead like me, the simple life

- movies: love exposure, taxi driver, fight club, primal fear, heathers, carrie, 28 weeks later, kill bill, almost famous, perfect blue, helter skelter, zero day, the truman show, jennifer's body, the craft, josie & the pussycats

- video games: silent hill 1-3, nier: automata, resident evil 1-3, white day: a labyrinth named school, fatal frame, crash bandicoot 1-3, crash team racing, super smash bros., 2xtreme (really shitty racing game from the 90's), dead island, cruisin' usa, mario kart 64, pokemon, pokemon pinball, tekken 2, 3 & tag tournament 1, the last of us, horizon zero dawn, life is strange, mirror's edge, dying light, splatoon 2, fortnite: save the world (not battle royale), rise of the tomb raider, uncharted 4 & the lost legacy

- person of all time: chino "fucking" moreno

EXTRA (quiz results, stamps, etc.)